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Vel With Stand 2.5″ Panchalogam


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Panchalogam also know as aimpon , பஞ்சலோகம் a.k.a ஐம்பொன்

Panchalogam is a composition / mixture of five metals. It is used to make idols/statues and jewellery. Since its less expensive, Most people have a wrong perception, that, “who can not afford gold ornaments or jewellery go for (buy) Pancha loham”,. People buy pancha loham with the belief that it will bring balance to their body and mind. Its widely believed, Wearing a jewellery made of Panchaloha / Panchdhatu brings balance in life, self-confidence, good health, fortune, prosperity and peace of mind. The land and our body we dwell may have imbalance in composition of metals ~ i.e., more or less of a particular metal[s] or a absence of a metal. The secret of wearing jewellery made out of pancha loham is, it provides balance in totality…i.e., balance of life-force (prana sakthi), and thus provides Nutrient and energy to the wearers !!!

If we use jewellery made out of pancha loham there will be no question on our self-confidence, good health, fortune, prosperity and peace of mind. These are the five metals present in the human body. Studies have revealed many individuals lack some of these metal components in the body. These rings help in filling the absent component to help bring stability and positivity in one’s life. They help people to shrug off the negativity and be inclined towards their career goals and motives. These metals also compliment various gem stones which are used alongside. It is essential for you to use it if you are looking for fresh changes in your dull life.


According to Shaiva tradition, the goddess Parvati presented the Vel to her son Murugan, as an embodiment of her shakti, in order to vanquish the asura Surapadman. According to the Skanda Purana, in the war between Murugan and Surapadman, Murugan used the vel to defeat all the forces of Surapadman. When a complete defeat for Surapadman was imminent, the asura transformed himself into a huge mango tree to evade detection by Murugan. Not fooled by asura’s trick, Murugan hurled his vel and split the mango tree into two halves, one becoming a rooster (Tamil: சேவல், lit. ’Cēval’), and the other a peacock (Tamil: மயில், lit. ’Mayil’). Henceforth, the peacock became his vahana or mount, and the rooster became the emblem on his battle flag.
Vel, as a symbol of divinity, is an object of worship in the temples dedicated to Murugan. The annual Thaipusam festival celebrates the occasion when Murugan received the divine vel from his mother. During this festival, some of the devotees pierce their skin, tongue or cheeks with vel skewers while they undertake a procession towards the Murugan temple.

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